T+3 days: Thank you!

We’ll publish a wrap-up report in a few days on the web site, but we wanted to thank you, again, for joining us at SpaceUp Toulouse. We had a blast!

Picture credit: Fabrice Desnclos / SpaceUp Toulouse

Picture credit: Fabrice Desenclos / SpaceUp Toulouse



If you gave a formal presentation during SpaceUp Toulouse and would like to see it featured on the spaceup.fr website, please post it online (on SlideShare or Scribd, for instance) and send us the link!
Please use this email address for sending us the link of your hosted presentation.


If you took some pictures during  SpaceUp Toulouse, please add them to the Flickr Group… That way, everyone will get to see everybody else’s pictures!

Next French SpaceUp

Two years ago, the SpaceUp Paris team setup a non-profit organization, SpaceUp France, to organize SpaceUp unconferences in France. The board members change every year, but the spirit stays the same. (As a bonus:  web site, bank account, and a wealth of experience are also transmitted from one team to another!). If you want to host, organize, or just help with the next french SpaceUp, please let us know!

See you soon, and thank you again!


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