Hosting partner : Cité de l’espace

Cité de l’espace is the hosting partner of SpaceUp Toulouse.


Walking on the Moon, climbing on board genuine spacecraft like Soyuz, admiring a real Moon rock and a meteorite from Mars, travelling to the confines of Space with the new IMAX 3D and Planetarium films: such are the amazing experiences available at Cité de l’espace.

Open since 1997, Cité de l’espace has become a European leader site for the transmission of the culture of Space and Astronomy with the general public. Toulouse, in the Midi-Pyrénées Region, is the European Space capital. Cité de l’espace covers 12 acres and received 304,000 visitors in 2013. 2014: a year in which Cité de l’espace will reinforce its astronomical themes.

A space dimension and its applications

Created by the City of Toulouse, with the support of the Regional Council and the French space agency (CNES), Cité de l’espace is supported by all those involved in the European space industry, including its leading companies.

Its purpose is to explain and promote a field which the public do not know much about, namely “space”.

Covering all of space!
So it covers the fields of astronomy, stargazing, rockets and satellites, manned or automated space travel and is ultimately concerned with promoting everything that affects our knowledge of Earth and the applications of satellites in our daily lives.

A regional dimension
An SME of over 100 people, Cité de l’espace has welcomed more than 4 million visitors since 1997, including many professionals from the space sector. It not only contributes to the region’s tourism, but also brings national and international recognition to the space industry in Toulouse.