Registering to SpaceUp Angers 2023

SpaceUp Angers will take place at Espace Air Passion, near Angers (France), on May 20 & 21, 2023. Register before March 20 to make sure you attend this awesome event at an early bird price!

Venue accessibility

We regret that due to the museum architecture this event is not accessible to wheelchair users.

Please also note that the rooms in which the sessions will take place are located on different floors of the museum and that you will need to climb stairs up and down a number of times during the week-end. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this.

Guiding you through the registration process

Our ticketing platform is a French social company: HelloAsso. They will ask for a donation of your choice during step 4, which you can refuse or accept.

Step 1, “Choix des billets” (ticket choice), please indicate the number of tickets you wish to buy.

If you wish to sponsor SpaceUp France in addition to buying a ticket, select or fill-in the amount of your choice (Montant de votre choix). Otherwise, select “Pas de don” (no donation). Click on Étape suivante (next step).

Step 2, “Participants”, enter your first (Prénom) and then last name (Nom). If you enter several participants, select “Ce participant va effectuer le paiement” for the attendee who will proceed with the payment.

Please fill-in additional information — these will allow us to compile statistics (sponsors love statistics!) or be useful for the event logistics. “Oui” means “Yes”, and “Non” means “No”.  Click on Étape suivante (next step).

Step 3, “Coordonnées” (payment information). Confirm your first name (Prénom), last name (Nom), and email. Click on Étape suivante (next step).

Step 4, an additional sponsorship to HelloAsso, our ticketing platform, is automatically added. You can remove it if you wish; to do so, click on “Modifier” (change), check “Je ne souhaite pas soutenir HelloAsso” (I do not wish to sponsor HelloAsso) and click “Enregistrer” (save) on the pop up window. Check “J’accepte les conditions…” (I have read the payment T&Cs and the privacy policy). Click on “Valider et payer” (confirm and pay).

At last, enter your payment information to purchase your SpaceUp tickets! Thank you, we can’t wait to meet you. You will receive a confirmation email in just a few minutes.

SpaceUp Terms and Conditions

See here.

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