The SpaceUp Paris Team

Brigitte Bailleul social_twitter LinkedIn Facebook Facebook

Brigitte is the founder and copywriter of the french blog Parmi les étoiles. Not a scientific mind, but passionate about space since she was young. She loves to dream under a starlit sky while watching for an ISS pass!

Tanguy Bertrand

Tanguy is a young space engineer currently studying Mars and contributing to the modelisation of its atmosphere at LMD in Paris. But his eyes are not only firmly fixed on the Red planet, but also on the numerous other captivating objects revealed by the Universe.

Nicolas Brûlez Facebook

Nicolas is an embedded software engineer, working on low cost drones. Passionnate both about space and drones, Mars exploration is one of its favourite subjects. Organizing a SpaceUp is an occasion to share thoughts about these passions with other space enthusiasts.

Damien Hartmann social_twitter

Damien is a sales representative in the IT industry. He has been passionate about space for as long as he can remember, and has been sure he will one day go into space since Space Ship One first suborbital flight in 2004. He is now actively engaged in projects where he plans to make a difference to bring more humans into space. His motto, borrowed from Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Thomas Navarro

Thomas is a planetary scientist, studying our fascinating neighbour Mars and its atmosphere. Fond of space science and interplanetary exploration since he was a kid, he never stops dreaming when he contemplates the beauties of our universe, from the solar system to the deep cosmos.

Grégoire Paris Facebook

Recently graduated as astronautics and space engineer from Cranfield University, Grégoire has successfully transformed his first hobby into his professional working domain. Following the same logic, his next objective is to set up the first extra-terrestrial climbing association of the universe. So adventurers interested in a journey on Martian cliffs, prepare your backpacks, climbing shoes, and stoppers, inscriptions will open soon!

Enguerran Petitfils social_twitter LinkedIn Facebook

Enguerran is an aerospace engineer, a dream job since he was a boy after watching pictures from the Viking Landers. After some pilgrimages to Kourou, Cape Canaveral, NASA Ames and some long all-night homeworks, he finally made it up to satellite testing and operation. He believes that space industry will be one of the key to mankind future and has devoted himself to help people being sent to Mars.