Brigitte B.

SpaceUp Toulouse VIP: Philippe Gaudon (CNES France)

Philippe Gaudon received a PhD in planetology at the Toulouse Science University in 1988 and subcontracted afterwards for CNES, the French space agency, before joining the CNES in 1991 on a remote sensing satellite project. Philippe has been working on the French contribution for Rosetta since 2001, and has been Rosetta’s […]

T-15: Let’s talk about space!

15 days before we meet in person at SpaceUp Toulouse! As a reminder, SpaceUp Toulouse is an unconference, which means that YOU provide most of the content, not us!We’ll start each day with a blank planning board, the “session grid”, and anyone can stick a post-it with their session title on […]

Exclusive SpaceUp Toulouse opportunity: a cleanroom visit

We’re delighted to announce that seventeen SpaceUp attendees will be given the opportunity to visit a cleanroom at Airbus Defence and Space on friday, september 19th at 5:00 PM CEST. Those cleanrooms are where Eurostar 3000 telecommunications satellites, as well as some Earth observation satellites, are assembled, tested and configured for […]

ASTRA 1N undergoing RF tests (MISTRAL Room) / (Copyright : Astrium / D. Marques / 2011)

Back to the Moon. For good.

Cité de l’espace boasts a vaulted, 360°, latest-generation planetarium with a 600m² screen, and we’re delighted to announce that we’ll end the first day of the SpaceUp by a planetarium session. It will be a great way to relax after an intense SpaceUp saturday, and gather energy for the Social […]

French astronaut Léopold Eyharts at SpaceUp Toulouse!

We’re delighted to announce that French astronaut Léopold Eyharts will join us at Cité de l’espace on September 20th! Leopold Eyharts’ first flight to space was a Franco-Russian mission called Pegase to the Russian Mir Space Station (29 January to 19 February 1998). Léopold Eyharts then performed various French experiments in […]

L'astronaute de l'ESA Thomas Pesquet

Thomas Pesquet will blast off from Baikonour in 2016!

Ten months ago, we ended SpaceUp Paris by a surprise Skype call from Thomas Pesquet – ESA astronaut of french origin – calling us from Houston, USA. Surprise call for the participants, of course, to whom we had tried very hard not to tell. To paraphrase famous words from Mission Control, […]