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We strive to keep the registration fees for participants affordable to all. Your sponsorship can make that possible!

A SpaceUp is a great communication tool to recruit, raise your visibility,
search for new ideas or validate your goals.

It also is an ideal place to convince the general public to follow you and to support you.

There are different ways to sponsor SpaceUp France

👉 Purchase one of the sponsorship packages, and get the associated perks.

👉 Provide for tangible needs for/during the event (catering, transportation to/from event venue).

👉 Provide an item for the swag bag handed out to every attendee.

Sponsorship packages and information

🇬🇧 Sponsoring SpaceUp Angers (leaflet including the different types of sponsor packages)

🇫🇷 Sponsoriser SpaceUp Angers (brochure incluant les différents forfaits de parrainage)

🇫🇷 Lettre aux sponsors