NEOShield at SpaceUp Paris!

Araba Molly Acquaisie just registered for SpaceUp Paris… You may not recognize her name, but if you’re worried about the probability of an asteroid hitting Earth, you may have read some of her tweets!

As you may have guessed, Molly is one of the NEOShield Communications and Public Outreach officers, and we just wanted to ask her a few questions before we get to meet her in person.

Molly, can you tell us what exactly is NEOShield and what the organization aims to achieve?

NEOShield is a 3.5 year collaborative research project where we’re investigating how to stop the impact of Near Earth Objects (NEOs) like asteroids and comets. We’re researching the nature of NEOs and will look at key technologies and methods that can be used to protect our planet if a NEO is found to be on a collision course. The NEOShield project is part-funded under the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme and will last until 2015.

Who are the NEOShield partners? What’s in it for them?

There are 11 of us and we’re made up of  space agencies, research institutions and industry organisations from Europe, Russia and the United States. What’s in it for them? Well, is there any better feeling than saving the world? 🙂

To conclude, can you give us a hint about your talk subject at SpaceUp Paris?

I’m going to tell you how we’re preparing to protect the planet!

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