T-15: Let’s talk about space!

15 days before we meet in person at SpaceUp Toulouse!

The session grid at SpaceUp Europe (Credit: Simon Bierwald)

The session grid at SpaceUp Europe (Credit: Simon Bierwald)

As a reminder, SpaceUp Toulouse is an unconference, which means that YOU provide most of the content, not us!

We’ll start each day with a blank planning board, the “session grid”, and anyone can stick a post-it with their session title on the time slot of their choice. Sessions will last 20 minutes, except for the T-5 talks, which will last… 5 minutes!

During your session, you’re welcome to make a presentation, host a discussion, ask others to brainstorm with you on a subject, offer a workshop… If you do not have time to prepare anything, be spontaneous! For instance, if you’re having an interesting discussion during a coffee break with someone else, consider adjourning to a session so others can join in!

T-5 talks are challenging, but very appreciated and extremely efficient to drive home a point! Those require 20 slides, automatically set to change every 15s… If you’re up to it, just remember to send us your file before Friday, September 19th.

We want to emphasize that there is no such thing as an inappropriate or unworthy subject during a SpaceUp. As long as it’s space-related, it doesn’t matter whether it’s SciFi, controversial, historical, speculative, futuristic or current news… you’re welcome to host a session about it.

We have published a page to help you prepare: https://www.spaceup.fr/whats-spaceup/preparing-your-spaceup-talk/.
Additional advice can also be found on the spaceup.org website: http://spaceup.org/agenda/.
If you seek inspiration, you can also take a look at what happened during SpaceUp Paris; check out the replay videos, and some of the presentations’ files.

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