Ile de Science, another sponsor

The association “Ile de Science” has set four missions :

  • Bringing higher education activities, continuing education, research and technological development in order to contribute to the creation of a genuine world-class pole;
  • Promote the harmonious development of geographical space of “Ile de Science” by ensuring the participation of the scientific community in planning;
  • Participate in social and cultural life, “Science and Society” actions of the geographical space of “Ile de Science”, definition and launch of living centers, incubators and business incubators;
  • Ensuring internal and external communication of the association on all of its objectives, particularly through the development and promotion of the scientific picture of the geographical space of “Ile de Science”.

Ile de science

As such, “Ile de Science” plays an important role as a privileged interlocutor of national, regional and departmental authorities, for which it is a relay of information and a one stop shop for all requests for information, looking for expertise, research partnership with industry and economic development related to technological innovation.
The “Ile de Science” association is interested only in transverse projects. It also has the desire to act as a “catalyst” for the genesis of new partnerships.
In addition, “Ile de Science” is involved in actions concerning technology transfer and entrepreneurship, in its geographical space.

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