4th VIP : David Iron, the founder of Lunar Mission One

david_ironDavid Iron is a former Royal Navy Engineering Officer and advisor to national investment institutions who, as a specialist on public/private partnerships, has advised on the financing of around 150 technology projects with particular experience in the space sector. He originated the commercial and financial structure for the UK’s £2.5Bn Skynet 5 PFI military satellite communications service, and was the lead PPP adviser to the European Commission for its €8Bn Galileo satellite navigation programme.

Since 2007 he has worked on the commercialisation and financing of international space exploration, from science to manned spaceflight.

During this time, he originated the Lunar Mission One concept and has led the project ever since. He is the Founder of the Lunar Missions Trust and Lunar Missions Ltd.


What is Lunar Mission One ? Come to SpaceUpX to see the David Iron’s presentation !

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