Exclusive SpaceUp Toulouse opportunity: a cleanroom visit at Airbus

Thanks to our sponsor Airbus, we’re delighted to announce that fifteen SpaceUp attendees will be given the opportunity to visit a cleanroom at Airbus Defence and Space on friday, february 3rd at 5:00 PM CEST.


Those cleanrooms are where Eurostar 3000 telecommunications satellites, as well as some Earth observation satellites, are assembled, tested and configured for “Flight” (installation of the solar wings, antennas, thermal protections, …) before they leave for the launch site.

During this visit, you will see the vaccum chambers used to replicate the extreme temperatures and vacuum conditions of deep space.

You will also see where the vibrations tests take place and the acoustic chamber where the launch conditions are simulated.

This is also where the MISTRAL room is located, in which the radio-electric performances are tested in complete isolation from the outside.

And finally, you will also see the assembly means of the solar wings, and the zero G system in which they can be unfolded.

Clean room with many satellites at Airbus Defence and Space Toulouse (credit Airbus)

How can you register for this clean room visit?

We’ll pick the lucky few out of the people who have registered to SpaceUp Toulouse before January 29th at midnight.

If you have not registered yet, please do so immediately to automatically enter the drawing!

Please note that to be allowed on this tour, you have to be a national of a European Union member state. We will also ask you to commit to showing up at the Airbus DS facility in Toulouse at 4:30 PM on february 3rd. Last but not least, you will not be allowed to take pictures.

Register to SpaceUp Toulouse 2017 !

Register to the clean room visit


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