Introducing our sponsor… Fonds de Soutien aux Initiatives Etudiantes

One of our first sponsors for SpaceUp Toulouse 2017 is the French “Fonds de Soutien aux Initiatives Etudiantes (FSIE)“ from Université Fédérale Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées.

The “Fonds de Soutien aux Initiatives Etudiantes” (Support Fund for Student Initiatives) aims at encouraging students to throw themselves into community work by supporting projects and inter-campus initiatives.

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L’Université Fédérale de Toulouse ( Toulouse Federal University) brings together more than 100 000 students in 4 universities, 10 engineering schools and specialized schools (veterinary, trade …) and 5 national research organizations. Not less than 30,000 degrees awarded in 2013-2014.
The missions of Université Fédérale de Toulouse are based on pooling and sharing, whether in research activities (coordination of doctoral studies, development of multidisciplinary training projects …) or in the student and social life (improvement of academic services for students).
This partnership is in the process of the FSIE.



A propos de Isabelle D.

Space exploration enthusiast. Engineer on space projects : Gaia satellite, telecoms satellites,… and Ground Control Segments. I like sharing my passion with children and people, for example within writing my website “Rêves d’espace” (in french). I was involved in the organisation of the previous SpaceUp in France (SpaceUp Toulouse in 2014 and SpaceUp X in November 2015),

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