Check out the people who have already registered for SpaceUp Paris!

First Name Last Name Topic Nationality
1 Enguerran Petitfils A path to more autonomous spacecrafts French
2 Brigitte Bailleul I tweeted my way to ESO’s VLT! French
3 Tanguy Bertrand TBD French
4 Nicolas Brûlez TBD French
5 Damien Hartmann Resolution Mars: let’s get to Mars in open source! French
6 Thomas Navarro TBD French
7 Grégoire Paris TBD French
8 Claudia Bothe TBD German
9 Reinhard Tlustos MARS2013 – How a dedicated group of volunteers reach for the Red Planet Austrian
10 Anne Grudzien TBD French
11 Jolanda Preusterink TBD Dutch
12 Donal Brannigan TBD British
13 Paolo Omodei-Zorini Crew training Italian
14 Rita Antonietta  Taglialatela None Italian
15 Joachim  Baptist T-5 Space Unites Belgian
16 Maria Vogiatzi TBD Dutch
17 Adam  Okninski Amelia 2 Two-Stage Test Rocket Polish
18 Matthieu  Le Lain TBD French
19 Guillaume  Bruna Current space policy governance in Europe French
20 Diogo  Alvim TBD Portuguese
21 Julio  Aprea Innovative Space Exploration Strategies (SGFF’13) Argentinian
22 Patryk Mikulski Atmospheric Drag Effect German
23 Noemie Bernede Space Technologies for Disaster Management French
24 Patrick Schumann TBD German
25 Michel Ricart TBD French
26 Ludivine Boche-Sauvan TBD French
27 Anthony Lecossais TBD French
28 Jaroslaw Jaworski How to pick up a women when you are a space engineer? Tips & tricks. Polish
29 Agatha Glaba None Polish
30 Przemysław Gumienny TBD Polish
31 Małgorzata Solyga T-5 Space is trendy! Polish
32 Kathrin Grannemann TBD German
33 Isabelle Desenclos Gaia : from mission goal to final assembly French
34 Remco Timmermans World Space Week, #AuroraTweetup, #SamanthaTweetup Dutch
35 Stéphane Querry Passive spacecraft tracking for active debris removal French
36 Eloise Matheson TBD Australian
37 Kirill Kamudo TBD British
38 Baptiste Busch TBD French
39 Fleur Vanniere TBD French
40 Peeter Wilkinson TBD Australian
41 Louis Morin Energy and environment management using space system French
42 Franck Horwath TBD French
43 Soline Verne TBD French
44 Emmanuel Flatres TBD French
45 Lea Serrano TBD French
46 Jean-Charles Le Tarnec TBD French
47 Radim Badsi Nanosatellites French
48 Jean-Ludwig Reuter Was there a “Franco-German engine” for European space launchers? French
49 Fanny Auneau TDB French
50 Christophe Servais TBD Belgian
51 Guillaume Rembert Ecological Impacts of Space Technologies French
52 Baptiste Soyer TBD French
53 Aleksander Maslowski TBD Polish
54 Wim Van Oudenhove Mars-related Belgian
55 Philippe Martin TBD French
56 Benoît Estevenon TBD French
57 Alex Bouya TBD French
58 Alexandra von Eckartsberg TBD German
59 Sébastien Drouard TBD French
60 Andrea Boyd TBD Australian
61 Jacco Geul TBD Dutch
62 Frederik Braeuer T-5 EUROAVIA – connecting European aeroSPACE students to the industry German
63 Svenja  Woicke TBD German
64 Ingo  Gerth TBD German
65 Moritz Wiskemann TBD German
66 Paula Mas Mas TBD Spanish
67 Gwennaël Pléver TBD French
68 Antoine Meunier TBD French
69 Piotr Lewkowicz TBD Rusyn
70 Michal Piadlowski Space science exhibits Polish
71 Georgios Papaioannou TBD Hellenic
72 Mark Bentley TBD British
73 Agnès Vidali TBD French
74 Ewoud Hacke TBD Belgian
75 Johan Vennekens TBD Belgian
76 Rutger De Nutte TBD Belgian
77 Yves Meyvis TBD Belgian
78 Alex Cureton-Griffiths Getting hackerspaces involved in building space projects British
79 Damian Tiarks TBD French
80 Remy Chalex Asteroid Sample Return (ESA MarcoPolo-R Mission), ESA feasibility studies (Concurrent Design Facility – CDF) and Space Generation Advisory Council 2013 Competitions French/Brazilian
81 Jan Svoboda TBD Czech
82 Matteo Limberto TBD Italian
83 Aldric Pouradier Duteil TBD French
84 Xavier Ouvray The development of a space science project: to know everything from A to F French
85 Vincent Leray TBD French
86 Kate Arkless Gray TBD British
87 Pierre-Damien Vaujour TBD French
88 Mathilde Ducamp TBD French
89 Vincent Raynal TBD French
90 Arnaud Demay TBD French
91 Emily Hamid NEOShield: Preparing to Protect the Planet Canadian
92 Araba Molly Acquaisie NEOShield: Preparing to Protect the Planet British
93 Xavier Bardon TBD French
94 Marie Sahakian TBD French
95 Jean-Luc Wibaux Virgin Galactic & astro tourism French
96 Paun Dragos Alexandru TBD Romanian
97 Sandra Cabrera Alvarao TBD Mexican
98 Abby Tabor TBD American
99 Lee Tabor TBD American
100 Angie Kanellopoulou TBD Greek
101 Ibai Quinteiro Recondo TBD Spanish
102  Pénélope Laniesse TBD French
103  Richard Heidmann TBD French
104  Bart Enkelaar TBD Dutch
105  Jedrzej Gorski Project FREDE (FREon Decay Experiment) Polish
106 Géraldine Marien TBD Belgian
107 François Andre TBD French
108 Louisa Talbi-Landais TBD French
109 Louis Morin TBD French
110 Torgeir Paulsen Gaia Mission – Ready for launch! Norwegian
111 Aymeric Martin How to go to the moon, with Kerbal Space Program (tentative) French
112 Cyril Gouit TBD French
113 Marijn Wouters TBD Dutch
114 Philippe Boissat 3i3s French
115 Nina Magret TBD French

Please contact us to confirm whether you will or not give a talk during SpaceUp Paris, and if yes, on what subject. We’re doing our best to guess your nationality, but if we’re wrong, tell us at the same time!