Ariane 6 Kick-off event

The CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales – the french space agency) is inviting 100 of the SpaceUp Paris attendees to a kick-off event to be held on friday, May 24th. The exact time of the event will be confirmed later on, but it should start around 4:00pm and last about 3 hours.

The program will focus on Ariane 6, the new european rocket currently in a design phase. Guest-speakers will include executives and engineers from the Launchers Directorate. The event will be composed of several presentations, and small group discussion sessions… A detailed program will be posted here once it is available!

Ariane 6 (vue d'artiste) - Crédit image: D. Ducros / ESA

Ariane 6 (vue d’artiste) – Crédit image: D. Ducros / ESA

How to register?

If you’re interested in attending this event, please purchase a “Kick-off Attendee” or “Kick-off Sponsorship Attendee” ticket. Hurry, those tickets are on a “first come, first served” basis!

CNES Launchers Directorate (© CNES/Hervé PIRAUD)

CNES Launchers Directorate (© CNES/Hervé PIRAUD)

How to get there?

Centre national d’études spatiales
Direction des lanceurs
52, rue Jacques Hillairet

Access plan