Space Events Calendar for the space community

Spaceup has created a new open and free calendar based on TeamUp’s Tools, allowing everyone to add a space related event, share it to others, thus reducing everyone’s time for looking to new ones or even miss some !


Link to Calendar


What and How to add :

You can add there anything related to space ! It can be a conference, an exhibition, a meetup…

When creating a calendar event, select the city (or Other if not present) in category , then select the time (uncheck “all day”), and add some extra information in the “Where” and “Description” fields.

It is also important to add a link of the event into the description field !

Mobile use :

You can download the app on your mobile device following the links here : for iOS or Android

Copy this code for adding it to the application : ksvcco3p8s99garshu