Space Events Calendar for the space community

Never miss an event again! SpaceUp France created a collaborative calendar based on TeamUp’s Tools in which anyone can add a space-related event, for instance a conference, an exhibition or a meetup.

Awesome! How do I add an event?

To create a calendar event, click on the relevant date in the monthly view, and fill in the fields.

  1. Uncheck ‘All day’ to set up a precise time.
  2. Select the calendar in which you want to add your event – different calendars are set up for a few selected cities, set your event to ‘Other’ if your event takes place elsewhere or online.
  3. Set the location and add some extra information in the ‘Description’ field, including a link to the event.
  4. Don’t forget to save your event!

Mobile use

  1. Download the app on your mobile device : iOS or Android
  2. Copy the following code to add the calendar to the application : ksvcco3p8s99garshu